• Pump number six, please.
  • That'll be twenty dollars for the petrol, thanks.
  • petrol
    "petrol"は「ガソリン」の意味(英英語・豪英語共通)。米英語ではgas (gasoline)が一般的。
  • Here you go.
  • Hey, could you tell me how to get to Waitomo caves from here?
  • Waitomo
  • Yeah, sure. First, turn left onto the motorway and keep going until the next town - around 50k's.
  • motorway
    "motorway"は大きな街を結ぶ多車線の自動車専用道路 。「高速道路」
  • Got it.
  • Probably a good place for us to grab a bite to eat - anywhere good to eat there?
  • For sure. When you get into town you'll see a take-away's on the right.
  • For sure
    "for sure"は"definitely"の意味。強い肯定・同意を表す。
  • Delicious paua fritters there.
  • paua
  • Perfect!
  • So, after we've had something to eat, where do we head to next?
  • Right, okay. So, you wanna take a right at the lights - the caves are about 15 minutes down the road.
  • lights
    "lights"は"traffic lights"の意味。「信号」
  • Great. Thanks for the directions, mate.
  • mate
  • No worries, drive safe.
  • No worries
    "no worries"は"you're welcome"あるいは"that's alright"の意味。「どういたしまして」

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