• So, my New Year's resolution has been to learn this guitar here.
  • Not bad you show-off!
  • show-off
    "show-off"は"person who likes to attract the attention of others"の意味。「目立ちたがり」
  • I can't play the guitar - But I know how to play the piano.
  • Really? I didn't know that - we should form a duet!
  • How long have you been playing?
  • Well, I haven't played in yonks.
  • yonks
    "yonks"は"a long time"の意味。「長い間」
  • My mum made me learn when I was at primary school.
  • primary school
    "primary school"は"elementary school"のこと。「小学校」
  • That's ages ago!
  • ages
    "ages"は"a long time"の意味。「長い間」
  • I remember when we had to learn the recorder when I was at intermediate.
  • recorder
  • I think we all had to!
  • Can you sing, too?
  • I like singing , but I can't suss out how to sing and play guitar at the same time.
  • suss out
    "suss out"は"figure out; solve"の意味。「わかる」
  • Yeah, nah, it… it can be hard to do.
  • Hey, Rangi's got his twenty-first in a couple of weeks. We should play a song or two!
  • twenty-first
  • Mate, I'm not sure a fortnight is long enough. I'm pretty rusty.
  • Mate
    "fortnight"は"two weeks"の意味。「二週間」
  • Aww, come on, don't be a wet blanket!
  • wet blanket
    "wet blanket"は、人の喜びに水を差す人。「興ざめな人」
  • Okay, okay! Let me think about it.

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