• Excuse me.
  • Yes.
  • Sorry to bother you, but have you got the time?
  • Sure, I believe it is... twenty past seven.
  • twenty past seven
    "twenty past seven"は「7:20」
  • Hmmmm...
  • I reckon!
  • reckon
  • Is it just me? Or was the train supposed to be here three quarters of an hour ago?
  • three quarters of an hour
    "three quarters of an hour"は「45分」
  • Yeah, nah. It's really bloody late.
  • bloody
  • I've been checking my watch so many times.
  • It made me wonder if it had stopped or something. But, I guess I'm not going crazy.
  • The trains running on time is a bit hit-n-miss around here.
  • hit-n-miss
  • True? I'm not very familiar with the train system here in Auckland.
  • True?
  • Right. It's kind of like this every other day.
  • It's ridiculous.
  • Really? Stink.
  • Stink
    "stink"は"poor quality; bad"の意味。「ひどいものだ」

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