• It’s about time to call it a day, I reckon.
  • reckon
  • Okay, I’ll lock up after this email.
  • What’re you up to this weekend?
  • Yeah. We’re driving up North to see the in-laws' at their bach in the Coramandel.
  • bach
    "bach"は"small beach house"の意味。「小さなビーチ・ハウス」
  • Oh that sounds like fun.
  • Yeah. It’s been ages since we're up there last.
  • ages
    "ages"は"a long time"の意味。"It's been ages"で「久しぶり」
  • My partner's parents keep moaning, and rightly so, that they don't get to see the kids enough.
  • What about you? Any plans?
  • I’m taking the boys to watch the ABs tomorrow at Eden Park.
  • ABs
    "ABs"は"the All Blacks"の意味。"All Blacks"は、ラグビーのニュージーランド代表チーム。
    Eden Park
    "Eden Park"は国際試合、国内試合ともに開催されるニュージーランド最大のスタジアム。オークランドのラグビーチームとクリケットチーム両方のホームスタジアムである。 
  • Nice! They're gonna have a blast.
  • blast
    "blast"は"great time"の意味。「楽しい時間」
  • Yeah, the kids are really amped up about it.
  • amped up
    "amped up"は"very excited"の意味。「わくわくする」
  • They've been going on and on and on about it all week.
  • going on and on and on about it
    "going on and on and on about it"は"talking about a topic endlessly"の意味。「延々と話す」
  • Cool.
  • Well, have fun at the footy.
  • footy
  • Ta. And you have fun at the beach.
  • Ta

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