• So, have you travelled overseas much?
  • A bit, yeah.
  • After uni, I went on an OE for a year.
  • uni
    "OE"は"overseas experience"のこと。ニュージーランドの若者の多くが大学卒業時に行く、長い海外旅行。
  • Cool! Where'd you go?
  • Heaps of places!
  • Heaps
    "heaps"は"a lot"の意味。「たくさん」
  • Mostly around Europe and the UK.
  • I loved Scotland the most.
  • How was it there?
  • Cold!
  • I had to wear a jersey most days and I even had to buy some polyprops cos it was so cold.
  • jersey
    "jersey"は"woolen long-sleeved garment"のこと。「ウールの長袖」
    "polyprops"は"underclothes worn in winter"のこと。「冬用の下着」 
  • The weather sounds bad. Why did you like it so much?
  • Well, the Scots are so friendly!
  • Whenever I went to the pub, someone'd always shout me a Guinness.
  • shout
    "shout"は"buy a round of drinks for others"の意味。「酒をおごる」
  • Fantastic!
  • I heard they love rugby, too.
  • Yeah, they do.
  • Have you ever been to the UK?
  • My dad's Welsh, so I've been there a few times.
  • I love tramping and the lake district in Wales is great for that.
  • tramping
  • You'd love Scotland, then. The tramping in the Highlands is amazing.

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