• Oh no! I've left my bag in PE class and I don't have time to get it before our social studies test.
  • PE class
    "PE class"は学校の体育の授業。
    social studies
    "social studies"は学校の社会科の授業。
  • Relax. I've got extras in my pencil case that you can borrow. But you owe me!
  • Sure! At lunch time, come to the tuck shop and I'll buy you whatever you want.
  • tuck shop
    "tuck shop"は学校内で軽食を売る店。「購買」
  • Okay, I'll lend you the stuff you need and you owe me…um…an ice block and some lollies.
  • ice block
    "ice block"は"popsicle"のこと。「アイスキャンディ」 
  • Sweet. You got a deal.
  • Sweet
    "sweet"は"very good"の意味。
  • So what do you need for the test?
  • Everything! Um, a clutch pencil and a rubber
  • clutch pencil
    "clutch pencil"は"mechanical pencil"のこと。「シャーペン」
  • Anything else?
  • …I probably need a biro and some twink, too.
  • biro
    "biro"は"ball-point pen"のこと。「ボールペン」
    "twink"は"correction fluid"のこと。「修正液」
  • No worries.
  • Right, better get to class, aye.
  • aye
  • Don’t wanna be late!
  • Too right - let's go.
  • Too right
    "Too right"は相手に賛意を表す時の返事。

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