• Hi. I'm Marama.
  • Marama
  • My partner and I live across the street.
  • Hi. I'm Hone.
  • Hone
  • Nice to meet you.
  • You, too.
  • I saw the moving company a couple of days ago.
  • Just thought I'd pop over and welcome you to the street.Here, this is for you.
  • pop over
    "pop over"は"visit briefly"の意味。「ちょっと訪ねる」
  • A welcome gift.
  • Oh wow, thanks.
  • My wife'll be over-the-moon.
  • over-the-moon
    "over-the-moon"は"very happy"の意味。「とても喜ぶ」
  • I hope you guys like it.
  • guys
  • We will, for sure. We both love pavlova.
  • pavlova
  • So how long've you lived here?
  • Ah.Let's see... it'll be three years this September.
  • Nice.
  • Hey listen, the house is a little bit untidy right now - everything's still in boxes.
  • But once we clean it up a bit, we'd love to have you and some of the other neighbours over for a hangi.
  • hangi
  • BYO. Maybe next weekend?
  • BYO
    "BYO"は"Bring Your Own"の省略で、「飲み物各自持参」の意味。アルコール飲料のことを指すことが多い。
  • Sure. That'd be great.
  • Cheers.
  • Cheers
  • Looking forward to it.
  • Me too.
  • Bye.
  • Catch ya later.

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