• Hey, Mimi, how are you?
  • Hi Aunty Bibi, I’m okay.
  • Eh, how’s your grandmother?
  • Eh
  • Is she getting better?
  • Yes, Aunty, she’s back home oredi.
  • oredi
  • Oh, that’s good.
  • Eh, who is that?
  • Eh
  • That’s my cousin, Sara.
  • She visiting from KK.
  • She visiting from KK.
    "She visiting from KK. "は"She is visiting from Kota Kinabalu."の意味。「彼女はコタキナバルから来ている」 "KK"は"Kota Kinabalu"の略で、ボルネオ島北部に位置するサバ州の州都のこと。
  • Sara, come meet Aunty Bibi, my neighbour.
  • Hi Aunty.
  • Aunty
  • Hello Sara. Wah! Mimi, your cousin is so pretty.
  • Just like you. But look a bit different than you.
  • But look a bit different than you.
    "But look a bit different than you."は"But she looks a bit different than you."の意味。「でも彼女はあなたとは少し違って見える」
  • Ya la Aunty. My dad is Chindian, like Mimi’s father.
  • Chindian
  • They are brothers. But my mum is Mat Salleh.
  • Mat Salleh
    "Mat Salleh"は"Caucasian"の意味で、コーカソイド系の人々のこと。「マットサレー」
  • Oh, no wonder lah you’re so fair, Sara.
  • lah
  • You are mixed.
  • mixed
    "mixed"は"of mixed parentage"の意味。「混血の」
  • No, Aunty.
  • I just got back from Europe, so maybe that’s why.
  • Oh, is it? Anyway, nice talking to you girls.
  • Say hello to your mum, Mimi.
  • And I hope your grandmother gets better soon.
  • Thank you, Aunty.
  • Bye Aunty. Nice meeting you.

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