• Sun, Neha.
  • Sun
  • Haan, Didi.
  • Haan
  • Where are you?
  • I'm in college right now.
  • Are you free around 2 in the afternoon?
  • There are no classes today in the afternoon because people are busy with the college fest.
  • college fest
    "college fest"は"college festival"のこと。「大学祭」
  • So I'm free.
  • I'm supposed to pick up Rahul from school at 2.
  • But I'm stuck in an important meeting in the office.
  • Oh, don't worry.
  • I can pick him up at 2 and also drop him to the tennis court at 4.
  • drop him to the tennis court
    "drop him to the tennis court"は"drop him off at the tennis court"のこと。「彼をテニスコートで降ろす」インド英語では、異なる前置詞を使うことがある。
  • That's good.
  • I will be free by 5 so I'll pick up Rahul in the evening.
  • OK, Didi.
  • Thanks, Neha.

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