• Hey, Vikas!
  • Ready for the party tonight?
  • Sameer's party?
  • Yeah, in Taj Hotel.
  • Taj Hotel
    ニューデリー市内にある高級ホテル。ムンバイを拠店とするインドの高級ホテルチェーンTaj Hotels Resorts and Palacesの一つ。
  • Sorry, I have some other plans.
  • Oh, come on!
  • How can you miss a party in Taj?
  • No, you go ahead.
  • I have to go to Manish's house in South Delhi.
  • Why?
  • You know, I was in hospital last month and my family was in Hyderabad.
  • Hyderabad
  • That time Manish helped me a lot.
  • He even stayed with me in the hospital.
  • Oh, that's really nice of him.
  • Yeah.
  • Now Manish needs my help with his Mathematics project.
  • So I want to spend the evening with him helping with his project.
  • In that case you must help him out.
  • Yes.
  • Anyway you have fun at the party.
  • I'll see you tomorrow.

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