• Hi, Pinky!
  • Hi. What's up?
  • Nothing much. Everything is fine.
  • Actually, I need a favour from you.
  • I need a favour from you.
    "I need a favour from you."はインド的な言い方で、普通、"Can you do me a favor?"となる。なお、"favor"の綴りはインド英語では英英語と同じで"favour"となる。「頼み事」
  • Yeah, tell me. What's it?
  • What's it?
    "What's it?"は"What is it?"のこと。「どうしたの」
  • You know, my bike broke down yesterday. It's in workshop, and it will not be ready before evening.
  • It's in workshop
    "It's in workshop"のように、インド英語では、定冠詞が脱落することがある。欧米の英語では定冠詞が入り、"It's in the workshop"となる。
    "workshop"は「(車の)修理店」の意味。北米の英語では"repair shop"や"garage"が一般的に使われる。
    before evening
    インド英語では冠詞が脱落することがある。英・米英語では"before the evening"あるいは"before this evening"となる。
  • I urgently need to go to CP for some important work. I can take an auto, but it's going to take very long.
  • CP
    "CP"は"Connaught Place"の意味。「コンノート・プレース」
  • Can I borrow your scooter for a couple of hours?
  • Sure, by all means.
  • I don't need to go anywhere right now. So you can take it.
  • I might need it in the evening, though.
  • Ah, yeah, don't worry.
  • It'll take me not more than a couple of hours.
  • I should be back by … latest by 4 p.m.
  • OK. Here is the key.
  • Thanks, Pinky.

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