• Oh, it's 1:20.
  • I'm starving. Let's eat.
  • Sure. What do you want to eat?
  • Hmm, look. Fried chicken?
  • Eww. You actually like that?
  • I love it. It's so crispy. Mmm.
  • Oh, I think it's horrible.
  • Why?
  • Cause it's so oily!
  • I just don't get what's so good about it.
  • So? But I'm getting a chicken and a cold drink.
  • a cold drink
    インドでは、炭酸飲料も含めて冷たい飲み物は"cold drink"と表現する。「炭酸飲料」は、米英語では"soda"あるいは"pop"、カナダ英語では"pop"、英英語では"fizzy drink"などと表現する。
  • I feel like having some pasta or dosa, and some herbal tea.
  • dosa
  • Herbal tea?
  • Yeah, I love caffeine-free drinks. Just talking about it makes me hungry.
  • But hey, you can go get your chicken.
  • Shall we meet here in a few minutes?
  • OK. See you in a while.
  • OK, see ya.

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