• Excuse me. Are you a student here?
  • Yes.
  • Can you tell me where is the administrative block?
  • Can you tell me where is the administrative block?
    インド英語では、間接疑問の疑問詞節の中の主語と動詞の順序が入れ替わることがある。標準英・米英語では"Can you tell me where the administrative block is?"となる。
  • It's located in the Science block.
  • Where exactly do you want to go?
  • See, I'm a first year student and I need to deposit the admission fee.
  • I'm supposed to go to the cashier's office and counter number 2.
  • OK. Um. You see that Arts faculty entrance? Go out through the Arts Faculty main gate and enter the Science Faculty across the road.
  • Then, um, go straight, take the first left. Again walk straight. And after Vice Regal Lodge, turn right.
  • It will take you through a small garden. Exit and take a right.
  • OK, I got it so far.
  • Good.
  • The second building on your left is the finance office.
  • Thank you so much!
  • And do not hesitate to ask people around you if you have trouble locating the building.
  • Students are pretty helpful here.
  • Thank you.

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