• Excuse me.
  • Yes.
  • Could you tell me what time is it?
  • Could you tell me what time is it?
    インド英語では、間接疑問の疑問詞節の中の主語と動詞の順序が入れ替わることがある。標準英・米英語では"Could you tell me what time it is?"となる。
  • It's, hmm, 7:20.
  • Wasn't the train supposed to be here more than 40 minutes ago?
  • Yeah. You're right.
  • It's really late.
  • I've been looking at my watch constantly.
  • I thought it had stopped or something.
  • But I guess I'm not crazy.
  • I guess unless the Shatabdi passes by,
  • Shatabdi
  • the local train will not get clearance.
  • Is it?
  • Is it?
    "Is it?"は米英語や英英語では"Is that right?"あるいは" Is that so?"となる。インド英語では、付加疑問文も、主語と動詞が一致せず、"isn't it?"、"is it?"が使われる傾向がある。
  • I'm not very familiar with the railway system here.
  • Usually it's on time, but sometimes it does get late.
  • I see.

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