• Hi Kavya!
  • How was your first day at college?
  • Oh yeah, it was good.
  • Pretty hectic, though.
  • Achcha, did you have many classes to teach?
  • Achcha,
  • I had two classes.
  • We had an orientation program in the morning,
  • then I had to complete some paperwork after lunch.
  • OK, how was your teaching experience?
  • Actually Bhaiya, I felt good after taking the first class.
  • Bhaiya
  • I liked the students.
  • I encouraged them to ask questions in the class, and they actually asked many questions.
  • You were not nervous, were you?
  • I was a bit nervous initially, but I got over it quickly.
  • I liked interacting with the students.
  • That's nice.
  • Good luck for future teaching!
  • Yeah, thanks Bhaiya.

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