• Are you going to the rugby match tomorrow evening?
  • Yeah, I managed to get tickets through work.
  • That was a stroke of luck. The match is sold out.
  • stroke of luck
    "stroke of luck"は"very lucky"の意味。「とても幸運な」
  • I know tickets were like gold dust!
  • like gold dust
    "like gold dust"は"very precious"の意味。「とても貴重な」
  • So what do you think will happen?
  • What are our chances?
  • Well, France is playing well this season,
  • but I really hope we’ll be the stronger team.
  • Me, too.
  • The commentators say we’re the favourites though.
  • favourites
  • I really hope they’re right.
  • We’ve no injured players and they’re all super fit.
  • super fit
    "super fit"は"well prepared"の意味。「万全な状態である」
  • A clear win would set us up well for the rest of the 6 Nations.
  • clear win
    "clear win"は"clear victory"の意味。「圧勝」
  • It’ll be a good night anyway.
  • Absolutely!

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