• Nick, I was wondering if I could ask you a favour?
  • Of course, what is it?
  • Would it be at all possible for you to pick Ciaran up from school today and drop him off at our house?
  • Sure. No problem at all.
  • It’s just that we’ve no car this week and
  • it’s a bit cold for our au pair to walk down, especially with the baby.
  • au pair
    "au pair"とは、ホームステイをしている留学生がステイ先の幼児のベビーシッターとして働きながらホームステイをする制度のこと。この場合は留学生自身を指す語として使用されている。
  • No worries at all if it doesn’t suit.
  • No, it’s no trouble at all, Liz.
  • Sorry to even ask but with the storms and all…
  • Listen Liz, it’s no bother, honestly!
  • Thanks a million, Nick.
  • That’s so kind!
  • Not at all Liz, anytime.

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