• Listen, you know the performance tonight?
  • Yeah.
  • Well, could you tell everyone to be on time for the pre-theatre reception?
  • pre-theatre
  • It’s really important.
  • Right. How come?
  • How come?
    "How come?"は口語的な表現で、"Why?"の意味。「どうして」
  • Well, we’ve just got word that the President and his wife are going to attend!
  • got word
    "got word"は"overheard"の意味。「偶然耳にする」
  • Wow, that’s great!
  • I know, isn’t it? Some media crews are coming too
  • as they’re very keen to get some photos of the President with the actors
  • and maybe a short interview.
  • Oh that’ll be excellent publicity for the play.
  • The playwright will be there too, won’t he?
  • Yeah. And extra security too, I suppose.
  • So you mustn’t be late!
  • Can you spread the word?
  • Sure.

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