• We need to do some work on the house this weekend.
  • work
  • The landlady’s coming on a visit next week.
  • Oh, is she?
  • Yeah she phoned this morning when you were at work.
  • She wants to check on those jobs that have been done in the past few months.
  • jobs
  • Like what?
  • Well, remember the guy fixed the guttering and then
  • the plumber sorted out the dodgy shower?
  • dodgy
    "dodgy"は"almost broken"の意味。「壊れそうな」
  • Oh, right.
  • We better sort out a few things of our own before she comes, though.
  • I know.
  • We need to clear out the back garden a bit.
  • back garden
    "back garden"は"back yard"の意味。「裏庭」
  • put the tools and bikes in the shed.
  • I can do that if you can declutter your bedroom a bit.
  • declutter
    "declutter"は"tidy up"の意味。「片付ける」
  • Ok.
  • I’ll spring clean the kitchen
  • spring clean
    "spring clean"は"clean up thoroughly"の意味。「大掃除をする」春に冬物を一気に片付けることから"spring clean"という表現が出来た。
  • and we can do the sitting room and bathroom between us.
  • Good idea.
  • It’s a good excuse to get the place sparkling.
  • I’ve been meaning to do a job on the house anyway.
  • I’ve been meaning to
    "I've been meaning to"は"I have had the intention of"の意味。「ずっと~しようと思っていた」
  • Yeah, then it’ll be nicer for us!

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