• Morning!
  • Morning!
  • Nice colour!
  • colour
  • Thanks.
  • I went to Brittas Bay this weekend.
  • Brittas Bay
    "Brittas Bay"はアイルランド東部のウィックローにある海岸のこと。
  • Oh you lucky thing!
  • you lucky thing
    "you lucky thing"は、「いいな/うらやましいな」という意味。
  • Do you always go there on weekends?
  • Well, it’s been a while
  • ‘cause we’ve been so swamped with that project.
  • so swamped
    "so swamped"は"very busy"の意味。「大忙しの」
  • But I try to go whenever I can.
  • What about the beaches closer to home?
  • Um, I don’t like the city beaches
  • ‘cause there’s always too many people. But I like Brittas.
  • It’s a little bit farther but the sand dunes are good fun for the kids.
  • are good fun
    "are good fun"で"are enjoyable"の意味。「楽しい」
  • Do you have any pictures?
  • I do! Here, look.
  • I have some saved on my phone.
  • Wow, these are really gorgeous pictures!
  • Thanks. I have a friend who’s a photographer.
  • He took these for me last week.
  • Aren’t they great?
  • Yeah.

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