• Hey didn’t you take that extra course in Business Studies
  • that they offered last semester?
  • Yeah I did, why?
  • Well I was thinking of doing it next semester myself.
  • Was it any good?
  • Yeah, the lecturer was excellent,
  • even though some of the material was quite dry.
  • dry
  • Was there a lot of extra work involved?
  • It was ok- some group projects,
  • and we had to give a presentation,
  • but it was all very enjoyable really.
  • Sounds good.
  • It’s just that I have a lot of assignments to hand in from my other subjects next semester
  • so I don’t want to stretch myself too much, you know?
  • stretch myself too much
    "stretch myself too much"は"strain myself too much"という意味。「背伸びをする」「無理をする」
  • Yeah I know exactly what you mean,
  • but this course was fun- engaging and interesting.
  • What about the other students on it-
  • where were they from?
  • Well there were some general business students on it
  • and some who were studying languages and doing it on the side-
  • they take modules in Business and IT I think.
  • Were they all Irish?
  • Nah, a mix really-
  • Nah
    "mix"は"mix of Irish and international students"の意味。「アイルランド人学生と留学生が混ざって授業を受けている」
  • some international students, some local.
  • So you’d recommend it then?
  • Absolutely! Go for it!

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