• What’ll you have Gavin?
  • Ah, I’ll just have coffee and a raspberry scone, thanks.
  • raspberry scone
    "raspberry scone"はスコーンの中にラズベリージャムを入れた食べ物のこと。
  • Oh I’m gonna have one of those too.
  • They look delicious!
  • Well good luck getting the waitress’s attention!
  • She’s been engrossed in her conversation with those people at the window seat for ages now!
  • Ah, here she comes now.
  • Hello?... Excuse me?...
  • What did I tell you?!
  • What did I tell you
    "what did I tell you"は、「ほらね」「私が言ったとおりでしょ」という意味。
  • I’ll just attract her attention with the menu!
  • Hello?…Sorry could we…?
  • Try the other waitress.
  • She seems more on the ball today.
  • on the ball
    "on the ball"は"attentive"。「注意を怠らない」「目を見張る」という意味。
  • Sorry, could we order now please?
  • Excuse me?
  • No luck?
  • Maybe I should just go up to the counter and ask.
  • It’s a bit of a poor show really!
  • poor show
    "poor show"は"bad show"の意味。「ひどい出来」「ひどい有様」
  • The service in here is appalling-
  • I’m surprised it’s always full.
  • Ah, yes, but the food’s great here, and so is the coffee,
  • so I suppose they don’t have to make much effort really!
  • I know but that’s not the point.
  • It’s just sloppy.
  • sloppy
  • Oh, here she comes!
  • And she’s looking at us this time!

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