• Alright, this cake's for Mrs Davies down by the post office
  • so don't go sticking your paws in it!
  • don't go sticking your paws in it
    "don't go sticking your paws in it"は"don't touch it"の意味。「それに触らないで」
  • Aw Rhi it looks well lush!
  • lush
  • Can't I have a small piece?
  • No!
  • She's been a bit poorly recently so I'm giving her this to cheer her up a bit.
  • poorly
  • If you want something, there's snacks and pop in the fridge.
  • pop
    "pop"は"fizzy drinks"の意味。「炭酸飲料」
  • Ah, fair play.
  • fair play
    "fair play"は"fair enough"の意味。「その通りです」
  • Is she alright now?
  • Aye, she's on the mend.
  • on the mend
    "on the mend"は"getting better"の意味。「体調が良くなってきている」
  • Well give her my best next time you see her.
  • Well, I'm off to see her now in a minute,
  • now in a minute
    "now in a minute"は"soon"の意味。「少ししたら」
  • when the cake's cooled like.
  • like
  • Do you fancy coming along?
  • Do you fancy coming along?
    "Do you fancy coming along?"は"Do you want to come along?"の意味。「あなたも私と一緒に行きますか」
  • Aye why not eh!

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