• Can I help you?
  • Oh, yes please.
  • I quite fancy that handbag over by there.
  • I quite fancy
    "I quite fancy"は"I'm very interested in"の意味。「私は~にとても興味がある、気になっている」
    over by there
    "Over by there"は"Over there"の意味。ウェールズ英語では場所を表す単語の前に前置詞を置くことがある。
  • This one by yer?
  • by yer
    "by yer"は"here"の意味。ウェールズ英語では場所を表す単語の前に前置詞を置くことがある。
  • Yeah that's the one.
  • Is it OK if I try?
  • Yeah, sure. Go for it.
  • Thanks.
  • Ooh there's lovely. Really suits me.
  • there's lovely
    "there's lovely"は"that's lovely"の意味。「素敵ですね」
  • Oh, I think so too. Looks lush on you!
  • lush
  • How much is it then?
  • Eighty quid.
  • quid
  • Oh, that's a bit dear.
  • dear
  • Any chance I could use this voucher I got?
  • Mmm… I dunno.
  • I dunno
    "I dunno"は"I don't know"の意味。「わからないです」
  • I'll check with the manager.
  • Nice one.
  • Back in a bit.
  • Tidy.
  • Tidy

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