• Hiya! You all right?
  • Fine thanks. How are you?
  • Fine. Come on in!
  • Oh no, it's all right. I'm just not stopping.
  • I just wanted to give you this back.
  • Oh, how did the Welsh cakes come out, after?
  • Welsh cakes
    "Welsh cakes"はウェールズ地方の代表的なお菓子のこと。薄いパンケーキに似ているが、生地にはレーズンが入っていて、仕上げに砂糖がまぶされる。「ウェルシュケーキ」
    "after"は"after all"あるいは"in the end"の意味。「結局」、「最終的に」
  • Oh they were lush!
  • lush
  • Thanks to your bakestone. Alys loved it so much she went out and bought the exact same thing.
  • bakestone
  • Oh good. I am so glad.
  • Oh, thanks for letting us borrow it.
  • No problem. Anytime.
  • These are for you.
  • From our tree.
  • Oh, there's lovely. Oh, I can't wait to eat them.
  • there's lovely.
    "There's lovely."は"They are lovely."の意味。ウェールズ英語では"they are"や"that is"の代わりに"There's"を使うことがある。
  • Hope you like 'em.
  • em
  • I'm sure I will. Thanks ever so much.
  • No problem. Bye.
  • Ta ra.
  • Ta ra.
    "Ta ra."は"See you."の意味で、ウェールズ英語でカジュアルな場面で使う別れの言葉。「じゃあね」、「またね」

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