• Brian, I'm goin’ away to Spain the morra for 2 weeks.
  • the morra
    "the morra"は"tomorrow"の意味。「明日」
  • Is somebody looking after your house?
  • Naw, can you keep an eye on the place?
  • Naw
  • Aye, nae bother.
  • Aye
    nae bother
    "nae bother"は"no problem"の意味。「問題ない」
  • I could even keep my car in your driveway.
  • That’s perfect Brian. Folk’ll think I’m at home.
  • Folk
  • I’ll make sure the postie puts your mail right through the letterbox.
  • postie
    "postie"は"mail deliverer"の意味。「郵便配達員」
  • Could you maybe put my bin out on Tuesday?
  • bin
    "bin"は"garbage can"の意味。「ゴミ箱」
  • It’s the brown one this week.
  • Nae bother. Have a great time!
  • Nae bother
    "Nae bother"は"No problem"の意味。「問題ない」
  • Ta, you’re a good neighbour, Brian.
  • Ta
    "Ta"は"Thank you"の意味。豪英語でも使われる。「ありがとう」

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