• Hey, Carol. Come here for a minute, please.
  • Well, Bob. What's up?
  • I wanna introduce you to our new employee.
  • This is Patrick.
  • Patrick, this is Carol, the restaurant manager.
  • Hi Carol. It's nice to meet you.
  • Hi! Nice to meet you, too.
  • I've heard a lot about you from Bob.
  • We're really excited to have you working here.
  • Wow, that's so nice to hear. Thanks.
  • I'm so excited to be here.
  • Patrick is just meeting everyone today, and he'll start training tomorrow.
  • I'm hoping you can show him around a little and get him used to where everything is.
  • There's no rush. I want him to get to know everyone he'll be working with.
  • Sure, I'd be happy to.
  • So Patrick, you've worked in restaurants before, right?
  • That's right. I've been waiting tables for years.
  • waiting tables
    "wait tables"は"serve"で、「(レストランなどで)給仕する」という意味。「ウェーターとして働く」
  • How long have you worked here?
  • Almost six years. It's a great place to work.
  • I think you're going to like it!
  • I think so, too!
  • Come on Patrick. I'll introduce you to the others.
  • Okay. Bye Carol. It was great meeting you.
  • You too. See you later!

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