• Wow, it's still snowing out?
  • It's been going non-stop for hours!
  • Yeah, it's really piling up out there.
  • piling up
    "pile up"は"accumulate"で、「蓄積する」という意味。ここでは「雪が積もる」。
  • I hope it's gone by the weekend.
  • I'm planning a trip to Québec City and I hate driving in the snow.
  • Québec City
    Québec Cityはフランス語圏ケベック州の州都。1608年にフランス人が植民地化した北米最古の街。中世の街並みが残る観光地として有名。
  • Really? I hope it'll stay.
  • I wanna go skiing this weekend.
  • Well, as long as the roads are clear, then I guess it's okay.
  • I want it to be nice and sunny for the drive.
  • But Québec City is beautiful in the snow!
  • Sure, it's pretty, but I hate snow.
  • It's cold and wet, and it gets so dirty on the roads.
  • And I hate shovelling!
  • shovelling
  • Yeah, but snow isn't always bad.
  • Don't you like skiing?
  • No way. Spending hours out in the snow, ending up with cold feet?
  • No way.
    "No way."は"Not at all."のくだけた言い方で、「とんでもない」という意味。
  • It's not my idea of fun.
  • Well, I hope we get a lot of it this winter.
  • I barely got out on the ski hills at all last year.
  • For me, I'll be really happy if it all melts!

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