• So, let's see what classes you're planning to take next semester.
  • Here's what I'd like to take. This is my schedule.
  • I see you're signed up for an art class as an elective.
  • Yeah. I really wanted to take a drawing class.
  • Yeah
  • Oh certainly.
  • It's just that you still haven't taken the core course for your major, and it doesn't look like you're planning to register for it next term.
  • core course
    "core course"は自分の専門の基礎コース。通常コースの他の授業を履修する際、すでに基礎コースが履修済みであることが条件となる。
  • Um. I figured I could take it later.
  • figured
  • Well, you're right, but I'd like to suggest to take the core course next semester.
  • For one thing, it's a good idea to get it out of the way sooner rather than later.
  • get it out of the way
    "get it out of the way"は"complete it" 「何かに対処する/障害物を取り除く」という意味。「片付ける/終わらせる」
  • But, more important, it's a prerequisite for the other courses you need to take for your major.
  • prerequisite
    "prerequisite" は「履修条件として履修済みの科目」の意味。
  • If you don't take it next semester, you might have difficulty completing your degree on time.
  • Oh. I really wanted to take that drawing class, but I guess you're right.
  • Okay, I'll take the core course next semester instead.
  • Maybe I'll have time to take the drawing class another time.
  • Good. I think this will make your progress toward graduation much easier.
  • Yes. Thank you.

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