• Hello?
  • Hi Renée, it's me.
  • Oh, hey, Victoria.
  • Listen, I really appreciate you babysitting the kids for Brian and me the other night.
  • Oh, sure, no problem. Anytime.
  • What are you doing tonight?
  • I'd love to take you out for dinner to say thank you.
  • Oh, you don't need to do that!
  • No, no, I want to. You really did us a favour.
  • favour
  • But I really didn't mind. I wasn't busy, and I always like seeing the kids.
  • We had so much fun! You don't have to thank me.
  • I know, but really, I want to.
  • Besides, it'll give us a chance to catch up, just the two of us.
  • catch up
    "catch up"は"spend time telling each other the recent events in life"の意味。「近況報告をする」
  • All right, if you're sure.
  • Great! So how about tonight?
  • Yeah, tonight's fine. Around six?
  • Perfect. I'll come pick you up.
  • Okay. See you at six! And thanks!
  • Bye!

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