• I can't believe we only have two more weeks of school left.
  • I know! This year has gone by so fast.
  • And you're graduating, eh?
  • eh?
  • Yeah, I am. I can't wait!
  • Do you know what you're doing after you graduate?
  • I wanna start working pretty much right away.
  • I'm hoping for a job in the media field.
  • Like what kind of job?
  • Like doing marketing or media relations for a broadcasting company.
  • That would be awesome.
  • Yeah, I could see you doing that.
  • I could see you doing that.
    "I could see you doing that."は "I can imagine you working there."と同じで、「君がそこで働くのが目に浮かぶよ」(=君に合った仕事だよ)というニュアンス。
  • I've already started applying for jobs.
  • Oh yeah? Like where?
  • A couple of big names, for example, CBC and Corus Entertainment,
  • CBC
    "CBC"はカナダ放送協会Canadian Broadcasting Corporationの略称。国営企業。CBCは英語放送網で、フランス語放送網はICI Radio-Canada。
  • and then smaller companies too, like Blue Ant Media and Channel Zero.
  • Cool. Well, good luck. I hope it works out!
  • works out
    "work out" は "go well" と同じで、「うまくいく」という意味。
  • Thanks!

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