• Excuse me, sir?
  • Yes?
  • I'm looking for City Hall. Do you know if it's near here?
  • Yeah, it's not far.
  • I thought it was right on this corner but I don't see it.
  • No, it's one street over. This is Dundas Street, but you want Queen Street.
  • you want
    "You want Queen Street."は"You want to be on Queen Street."あるいは"You should be on Queen Street."「目的地はクイーン・ストリートにあります」という意味。
  • Where is that?
  • Go straight down Yonge Street for about 5 minutes and turn right.
  • Yonge Street
    Yonge Street(ヤング・ストリート)はトロントの中心を南北に走る道。世界で最も距離が長い道だといわれる。
  • City Hall is on the corner of Queen and Bay Street on your right.
  • So how far is Bay Street?
  • It's the second street you'll come to.
  • You should have no trouble finding your way.
  • Great, thanks very much!
  • You're welcome.

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