• So, why do you think you'd make a good employee here?
  • make a good employee
    "make a good employee"は "be a good employee"の意味。「いい従業員になる」
  • Well, I've worked in several restaurants before. Here's a résumé listing my experience.
  • I see. Do you have a lot of experience with cooking?
  • Yes, preparing dishes was part of my job at the last restaurant I worked in.
  • Well, in this role, you'd be doing a lot of the cooking by yourself, with no help.
  • Do you think you're qualified for that?
  • I think so. I've taken several advanced cooking classes.
  • Good. We'll train you on our methods, of course.
  • That's great. I'm looking forward to learning more about your menu.
  • You may also be required to work at the cash register when we're busy. Have you done that before?
  • Oh, yes, many times.
  • That's great. How about bartending?
  • I don't have much experience bartending. I know how to make a Bloody Caesar but that's about it.
  • Bloody Caesar
    "Bloody Caesar"はカナダ特有のカクテル。「ブラディー・シーザー」 ウォッカと「クラマトジュース」(Clamato juice、ハマグリ(clam)のエキスとトマトジュースを配合したカナダの伝統的なの飲み物)とスパイスを混ぜたもの。
  • I'd be very willing to learn, though.
  • All right. We'll start you off cooking, and train you on bartending if we need you.
  • That sounds fine.
  • Great, so we'll call you by the end of the week to let you know.
  • Thanks very much!

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