• Oi, Jan!
  • Oi
    "Oi"は"Hey"あるいは"Excuse me"の意味。「ねえ!/ちょっと!」注意を引くときの表現。
  • Hey, Pete. What's the matter?
  • Listen. Great news.
  • John's parents have a beach house and they're letting him use it this weekend. He's having heaps of people over.
  • I'm gonna stay at the house all weekend with John, and I just wanted to see if you'd like to come too.
  • Wow. That sounds great. Hmmm.
  • I'm going out to dinner tonight with my girlfriends, but maybe I could go over on Saturday, just for the day.
  • No worries. It's going to be sweet as.
  • sweet as
    "sweet as"は"great"あるいは"awesome"の意味。「すごい」
  • The house is right by the beach.
  • Let me give you directions.
  • Well, I'm sort of in a rush right now.
  • sort of
    and that there will be no problems/worries.
  • Could I just call you Saturday morning and get the information?
  • Oh, sure. Yeah. Just call me Saturday then.
  • I'll have my mobile. Try to get there early.
  • mobile
    "mobile"は"mobile phone"を省略した言い方。「携帯電話」
  • We're gonna do a big barbie with snags and prawns on the beach around lunchtime.
  • barbie
    "barbie"は"barbeque (BBQ)"の意味。「バーベキュー」
  • OK. That sounds great.
  • Anyway, I gotta go. See you later.
  • gotta
     "gotta"は"got to"の意味。「~しなくてはいけない」
  • Yeah. See ya.
  • See ya.

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