• Bloody hell!
  • What's wrong, mate?
  • mate
  • It's Adam. He didn't wash the dishes again.
  • This is the third time in a row. He's just left them there.
  • Such a slacker.
  • slacker
    "slacker"は"lazy person"の意味。あまり一生懸命働かない人のこと。「怠け者」
  • Tell me about it. He didn't take out the rubbish, either, and he leaves his tinnies all over the place.
  • Tell me about it
    "Tell me about it."は"That's true"の意味。「いやぁ、全くだよ/確かに」
  • I'm getting tired of cleaning up after him.
  • He never does anything around here.
  • I know. I'm about to spit the dummy!
  • spit the dummy
    "spit the dummy"は"get really angry/upset"の意味。「とても怒る/ブチ切れる」
  • Me, too. I'm sick of him lying around the house in his trackies all day.
  • trackies
    "trackies"は"track suit pants"あるいは"sweatpants"の短い言い方。「スウェット」
  • We agreed on a schedule and he never sticks to it.
  • I feel like I'm his mum.
  • We really should have a talk with him when he gets home.
  • If he can't pull his weight, he'll have to move out.
  • I'm with ya.
  • Let's chat with him later.

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