• How're you feeling?
  • Nervous about your date tonight?
  • Yeah, I am actually.
  • I think I need your help.
  • No worries. What can I do for you?
  • No worries
    No worriesは"No problems"あるいは"everything is fine"の意味。「問題がない/全て大丈夫」また、許したり、元気づけたりするときにも使う。
  • I've hung up all my frocks.
  • frocks
  • I just don't know which one to wear.
  • I don't wanna look like a dag.
  • dag
    "dag"は"a nerd"あるいは"goofy"の意味。おかしい、間抜けな人のこと。「間抜け」
  • I really liked the one you wore at the Chrissie party.
  • Chrissie
  • The black one?
  • Yeah. You were a bit of a spunk.
  • spunk
  • Thanks.
  • I really like this bloke, so I wanna make a good impression.
  • bloke
  • If you wear that, you will!

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