• Mornin'!
  • Mornin'
  • Morning! Nice tan!
  • Thanks. I went surfing this weekend.
  • Wow that's great.
  • Do you always go surfing on the weekend?
  • Well, it's been a while 'cause we've been so busy with that project.
  • But I try to go whenever I can.
  • Where do you usually go?
  • Um, I don't like the big touristy beaches 'cause there's always too many people.
  • touristy
     "touristy"は"filled with tourists"の意味。「観光客でいっぱいの」
  • But I like Sorrento's back beach.
  • Sorrento's back beach
    "Sorrento's back beach"はメルボルンから南へ1時間半ドライブしたところにある避暑地のビーチ。
  • It's a little bit further but the waves are good.
  • Do you have any photos?
  • I do! Here, look.
  • Have some saved on my phone.
  • Wow these are really great!
  • Cheers. I have a mate who's a photographer.
  • He took these last week.
  • Aren't they great?
  • Yeah, they are mate.

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