• I'm starving. Let's eat.
  • starving
  • OK. What do you want to eat?
  • Woo look, fish'n chips.
  • fish'n chips
    "fish'n chips"は"fish and chips"の意味。
  • Yuck. You actually like that?
  • Yuck
  • I love it.
  • A nice and greasy piece of battered flake.
  • flake
  • Oh, I think it's feral.
  • feral
  • Why? Why do you hate it?
  • 'Cause it's so greasy!
  • I dunno what's so good about it.
  • dunno
    "dunno"は"don't know"のカジュアルな言い方。「わからない」
  • I like it grilled better.
  • Oh, grilled?
  • Yeah. You can put it in a sanga, in anything really…
  • sanga
  • Wow, actually a sanga sounds good right now.
  • You want that then?
  • Yeah, just talking about it makes me hungry.
  • But hey, you can go get your fish'n chips.
  • Shall we meet back here?
  • No worries. See you soon.
  • OK, see ya.

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