• G'day mate. Can you help me out?
  • G'day
  • Sure.
  • I'm a bit lost. I'm not too familiar with the bush.
  • bush
  • Where are you headed?
  • Where are you headed?
    "be headed"は「~に向う」の意味。アメリカ英語でも使う。
  • Trying to get to Brown's Station.
  • Station
  • That's about 200 k's from here.
  • k's
  • Just keep heading West.
  • Cheers, mate.
  • You'll want to fill up, mate.
  • This is the last servo for a few hundred k's.
  • servo
    "servo"は"service station"の意味。ガソリンと様々なもの(例えば、食糧・地図・ミルク・車に関する商品等)を売っている場所。「サービスステーション」
  • Will do. Um, I'll also grab a pie with some sauce, thanks.
  • Will do
    "Will do"は"I will fill up"の意味。「そうします」
    "pie"はここでは"meat pie"のこと。「ミートパイ」
  • No worries. Have a safe trip.
  • Ta.
  • Ta
    "Ta"は"Thank you"の意味。「ありがとう」

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