• Check that out.
  • Yeah, the surf's huge.
  • How about we chuck our thongs and sunnies over here, and get out there.
  • chuck
  • Sounds like a goer, but it looks pretty rough.
  • goer
    "goer"は"good idea"の意味。「いい考え」
  • How good are you at body boarding?
  • Not bad, mate.
  • I learned when I was a nipper.
  • nipper
    "nipper"は"junior lifesaver"の意味。「(若い)ライフセーバー」また、ライフセーバーの団体や所属している団員を意味することもある。単に「小さい子供」を意味することもある。
  • I've only been doing it for a couple of years, so I might need a few tips for waves this big.
  • Stay between the flags, and try not to get dumped.
  • That much, I knew.
  • I'll just follow your lead.
  • Righto. Let's do it.
  • Righto
  • If it gets too rough, we can always head back in.
  • Thanks, mate. I'm sure it'll be fine.

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