• That smells amazing.
  • You're such a good cook.
  • Thanks. I can teach you if you want.
  • That'd be good.
  • I always bugger it up.
  • bugger it up
    "bugger it up"は"mess it up"の意味。「目茶苦茶にする/台無しにする」 米英語では"mess it up"を使うことが多い。
  • Why don't we start now?
  • Sure. What do I do?
  • See those prawns over there?
  • Peel them, but leave the tails on.
  • Then rinse them under the tap.
  • tap
  • No worries.
  • When you're finished, I'll teach you how to make the sauce.
  • The key ingredients are tomatoes, capsicum, chilli, and a splash of sav blanc.
  • capsicum
    "capsicum"は"bell pepper"の意味。「ピーマン」
    sav blanc
    "sav blanc"は白ワインの一種で、"Sauvignon Blanc"のこと。「ソービニョン・ブラン」
  • Ah, thanks. That's great.
  • It always tastes fantastic.
  • Cheers. It's pretty easy.
  • Just follow along and you'll be a master chef in no time.

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