• Alright. I guess this is it.
  • this is it
    "this is it"は"it is time"の意味。「いよいよだ」
  • I can't believe we're really moving out.
  • We've lived here for 3 years!
  • I know. I'm sad to leave too.
  • But hey, you're buying your own house!
  • And you're moving to Melbourne!
  • You're right, we should be happy.
  • Hey, thanks for being a great flatmate for the past 3 years.
  • flatmate
  • Yeah you too.
  • Was fun.
  • Well, good luck with the new house.
  • Yeah, thanks. Take care of yourself.
  • You too.
  • Give me a call if you're in town and we can grab a bite or something.
  • if you're in town
    "if you're in town"は「自分が住んでいるところに来たら」ということであるが、この場合、"town"は、この女性の引っ越し先である「メルボルン」を指す。
  • No worries mate. Will do.
  • No worries
    "No worries"は"No problems"あるいは"everything is fine"の意味。「問題がない/全て大丈夫」また、許したり、元気づけたりするときにも使う。
    Will do
    "Will do"は"I will give you a call"の意味。「電話するよ」
  • Catch ya later.

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