• G'day!
  • G'day
  • G'day mate! How was your day?
  • mate
  • Pretty good. You?
  • It was okay.
  • But there's something I need to talk to you about…
  • Okay. Is everything alright?
  • Um. Listen.
  • I was...I was cleaning today, and I accidentally knocked over your vase and it fell and broke.
  • Bloody Hell. The blue one?
  • Bloody Hell
    "Bloody Hell"は驚きを表現するときによく使う言葉。
  • Yeah. I'm really sorry.
  • I know you really like that vase.
  • No worries. She'll be right mate.
  • No worries
    "No worries"は"No problems"あるいは"everything is fine"の意味。「問題がない/全て大丈夫」また、許したり、元気づけたりするときにも使う。
    She'll be right
    "She'll be right."は"Everything will be fine."の意味。「なんとかなる」という意味合いで用いる。主に将来の心配事につかう。
  • I feel terrible.
  • You didn't mean to break it.
  • Stuff like that happens all the time.
  • Stuff
  • Where did ya get it?
  • Maybe I can buy you another one.
  • No seriously. Don't worry about it.
  • I have too many vases anyway.
  • We'll just use another one.
  • Are you sure?
  • Yeah. No worries, mate. Stop stressing out.
  • stressing out
    "stressing out"は"making oneself feel stressed or nervous"の意味。「ストレスを感じる」
  • Ta, mate.
  • Ta

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