• Alright Dan, long time no see.
  • Alright mate.
  • mate
  • How have you been?
  • Not bad, not bad. You?
  • Yeah, you know, just ticking along.
  • just ticking along
    "just ticking along"は"doing OK"の意味。元気であることを意味する慣用表現。
  • You here for the footie?
  • Yeah, of course it's the big one and the wife's let me out.
  • Yeah, me too.
  • Have you seen Harry?
  • He's supposed to be coming down.
  • Harry? No, not yet.
  • Knowing him, he's probably passed out with his head down the loo.
  • loo
  • Actually he's calmed down a bit since he broke up with that bird.
  • bird
  • What was her name?
  • Oh, yeah…Sharon was it?
  • Something like that…
  • I'm not being funny but she was a nightmare.
  • I'm not being funny
    "I'm not being funny"は意見を述べる前に使う表現。
  • Oh God, yeah, awful.
  • Oh…look there's the geezer.
  • geezer
  • Harry, really?…Blimey
  • Blimey
  • He's staggering a bit, isn't he?
  • Yeah, he looks like he's had a few.
  • had a few
    "had a few"は"Had a few alcoholic drinks"の意味。「少し酒を飲んだ」。
  • …he must have got back with Sharon?
  • Yeah.
  • Well, I better go and see him.
  • Let's have a pint later, yeah?
  • pint
    "pint"は液量の単位。1 pintは0.57リットル。イギリスでは、パブなどで1パイントでビールが出てくることが多い。
  • Yeah, let's. I'll be here.
  • See you later mate.

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