• Shan, it’s getting late already.
  • Have you finished doing your assignments yet?
  • I still have to do two more assignments, Ma.
  • Ma
  • What are those assignments?
  • I have one essay in English and one problem solving task in Math.
  • Finish that one immediately and go to sleep early.
  • go to sleep
    "go to sleep"は"go to bed"の意味。「寝る」
  • But Ma, this will take about one hour more.
  • And I might play ML pa later.
  • ML
    "ML"は"Mobile Legend"の略。若者に人気のあるスマートフォンゲームのこと。
  • Shan, you listen.
  • You have to sleep early.
  • You have been sleeping late because of the video game.
  • But Ma, I am not forgetting my academics.
  • I have been consistent academic awardee, you know.
  • academic awardee
    "academic awardee"は"academic achievement awardee"のこと。学校で学業が優秀な生徒に贈られる賞をもらっている生徒のこと。「学業優秀賞受賞者」
  • Promise, I will still be a top-notcher in class.
  • top-notcher
  • Mmmmm. Here we go again.
  • You better sleep early.
  • That’s non-negotiable.
  • OK fine.
  • Will finish my essay then.

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