• Ugh, bad trip!
  • bad trip
    "bad trip"は不快や苛立ちの感情を表す表現。「なんてことだ」「もう嫌だ」
  • You look frustrated.
  • What’s the problem?
  • Ah! This computer is giving me a headache.
  • What’s wrong?
  • I’ve been trying to print my report for class –
  • which starts in twenty minutes –
  • but every time I click “print,” nothing happens.
  • OK. Relax. Maybe we can solve this.
  • Let’s see what’s the problem… OK.
  • See that little printer icon at the bottom?
  • Yes.
  • OK. Point to the icon and right-click it.
  • That’ll open the printer preferences.
  • Mmm. OK. And then?
  • Well, let’s see if it’s connected.
  • Can you see the “printer” icon?
  • Yeah.
  • That tells you which printer the computer will print to.
  • It says that you’re printing to the Canon Image class printer.
  • Is that what you want to print to?
  • Mmm, I don’t know.
  • Let me check the printer.
  • No, this printer is a 1320 HP Laserjet.
  • Alright. That means we need to change the printer.
  • See the dropdown menu?
  • Just click it to see if the 1320 HP Laserjet printer is listed.
  • Ah. There it is.
  • I’ll just change it to the 1320 HP Laserjet printer then?
  • Right. Now it should be ready.
  • Try it again.
  • Ah, it worked! Thank you!

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