• So you’re moving into your new flat this weekend Brian, are you?
  • flat
  • That’s exciting!
  • Yeah it is,
  • but I’m a bit stressed by it all to tell you the truth!
  • I’ve so much to do before then.
  • Like what?
  • Well the removal van is coming first thing Saturday morning
  • removal van
    "removal van"は「引っ越しの車」の意味。会話22「自己紹介をする」では"moving truck"という表現を使用している。どちらも使われる。
  • so I have to have everything ready to go by Friday night.
  • Plus I have to teach four hours on Friday morning!
  • Well, why don’t I do your Friday session
  • and you can pay me back in a few weeks when you’ve settled in.
  • Oh, are you sure?
  • That’d be great as I could just focus on one thing.
  • Honestly it’s no problem at all.
  • That’s really helpful. Thanks.
  • And listen, why don’t you and Angela come round for a bite to eat
  • a bite to eat
    "a bite to eat"は「食事」の意味。
  • after you’ve installed your stuff on Saturday?
  • stuff
  • The last thing you’ll feel like doing is starting to cook.
  • The last thing
    "The last thing …."は"The worst thing…."の意味。「一番いやなこと」
  • That’d be lovely.
  • We’ll bring a bottle of wine.
  • Great,
  • I’m sure Steven will be glad to catch up with you both
  • as we haven’t seen you socially for a while.
  • Ok.
  • See you around 8 on Saturday then,
  • and thanks a million, Ann!
  • thanks a million
    "thanks a million"は"thank you for everything"の意味。「色々とありがとう」
  • You’re welcome
  • and good luck with it all!
  • Thanks.

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